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News Items

24 Dec 2011. Still no news from the Secretary of State on the ING application. There are some negotiations going on in the background regarding the transfer of ING assets but these may end up going to Cornwall Council rather than a Hayle-based trust. I am not sure how we would protect against a sell-off by the council should this happen - like Loggans Mill.

07 Oct 2011. Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee sat yesterday to determine the Hayle supermarket applications. The meeting started at 10am and the Hayle part finished around 5pm.

The results were:


Because there was an objection from English Heritage, a statutory consultee, the committee could not approve the application but only be 'minded to approve with a referral to the Secretary of State'. This will result in either a 'call in', where the Secretary of State will make the decision via a public enquiry, or a letter authorising Cornwall Council to proceed. This must happen within 21 days.

The new rugby club site on Carwin Rise was approved.

20 Sep 2011. Last Thursday, Hayle Town Council had an open meeting at Bodriggy School to give its views on the three supermarket applications. The results were:

  • ING South Quay, No Objection. 13 For, 0 Against
  • Actoris/Morrisons Jewsons Site, Objection. 13 For, 0 Against
  • ASDA/Walker Development, Rugby Club, Objection. 10 For, 3 Against
  • New Rugby Club Site on Carwin Rise, No Objection. 13 For, 0 Against

Previously councillors had narrowly opposed the ING application and narrowly approved the ASDA application. It was a surprise that there was a unanimous vote in favour of the ING application this time, reflecting perhaps the changes made and the better engagement process undertaken. It was also unexpected that the ASDA application fell out of favour - especially as there was a strong lobby for this. Traffic issues at the roundabout continue to dog this application.

07 Sep 2011. British International Helicopters has an exhbition at St. Erth Church Hall today: noon to 8pm and tomorrow: 10am to 2pm. Their press release is here and their exhibition boards are here (slightly corrupted).
30 Aug 2011. The 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 is coming up and Hayle's own hero has been receiving attention. There was an article in the Guardian on the 25th of August about Rick Rescorla and the opera that has aired in San Francisco based on the book about him called Heart of a Soldier. Click on the links for more information.
28 Aug 2011. The Hayle Rugby Football Club has announced that they will give £1 million to Hayle if they are successful in their bid to move to a new ground. Read their Press Release here.
18 Aug 2011. The Strategic Planning Committee at Cornwall Council has announced that it will hear the Hayle supermarket applications on the 6th of October rather than September 22. The Town Council has agreed to discuss the applications on September 15.
07 Aug 2011. I have added the documents from the most recent Towans Partnership meeting - including Cornwall Council's Beach Management Strategy. They are on the Towans Partnership page.
07 Aug 2011. The updated documents from Actoris relating to the Morrison/Jewson development are now available here.
04 Aug 2011. The ING plans for the revised application for a foodstore on South Quay are now available here.

29 July 2011. A press release has been issued detailing the key amendments in ING's revised proposal. They are:

  • The partial removal of infill material in Carnsew Creek to provide additional moorings and expose the entrance to Carnsew Dock;
  • The proposed re-introduction of traditional sluicing for Carnsew Pool;
  • Enhancements to the existing harbour management including: enhanced fishermen’s facilities on North Quay, improved security and storage; modifying the bridge proposals; creation of new moorings for fishing and leisure users; and the proposed creation of a community harbour management trust supported by an ongoing annual levy raised from developments built on ING’s land.
  • Widening the promenade along the whole length of the quay facing Penpol Terrace to create more public realm, open spaces and access for harbour users;
  • Increasing the size of the open space at the northern end of South Quay and redesigning the feature restaurant;
  • Resiting the food store closer to the town with an additional entrance and café facing Isis Gardens.
  • Redesigning the store and free standing retail units to improve access to the town centre and Foundry complex;
  • Redesigning the houses and introducing apartments to more closely reflect maritime buildings and include integral garages, roof top terraces and direct quayside access and quayside storage spaces.

You may read the full press release here.

You can read the updated application on Cornwall Council's web site by clicking here: http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk:8181/rpp/index.asp?caseref=PA10/08142

28 July 2011. ING submitted its revised plans on Monday and there will be a public consultation period prior to the application being heard by the Strategic Planning Committee on 22 September.

The final layout is shown above. Click on the image for a larger version.

Some points to note: during the working life of the quay the buildings were generally down the west side of the quay and the architects have tried to replicate this by keeping as much open, public space as possible on the side facing Penpol Terrace. I understand that it is planned that significant pedestrian improvements will be made around Isis Gardens and Foundry Square. Also note that Carnsew dock and the sluice are restored. It appears that a footbridge across Penpol Creek will be a 'future enhancement'.

15 July 2011. Following on from the BBC's History of the World in 100 Objects, Museums in Cornwall have produced a list for the county. Hayle's entry is scoria block, seen throughout the town as a reminder of copper smelting, and we are number 17 on the list.

To download the complete document (4Mb), click here.

10 July 2011. The delayed decision on the supermarkets moves into its final phase now. Here are the key dates:

25 July Revised submissions due

04 Aug Notification in the local press

25 Aug Public comments phase closes

14 Sep Planning Committee agenda issued

22 Sep Strategic Planning Committee convenes

A preliminary sketch of the layout of the buildings on South Quay.
I have added some additional photographs of the excavations on South Quay. Click here.
1 July 2011. At the behest of English Heritage, ING has appointed Northamptonshire Archaeology to undertake some further investigations of South Quay to determine the state of the slipways and the associated harbour walls.

The archaeologist in charge is Tim Upson-Smith and they have been working all week with the help of George Brighton and his digger to cut a number of trenches.

Shown above are Tim Upson-Smith with Cllr. John Pollard CC looking at the main trench. For more information, click here.

11 June 2011. Sorry for the lack of updates - being mayor is time-consuming! There have now been three 'Workshops' run by Cornwall Council with the intention of looking at key issues in the redesign of the Supermarket application by ING RED for South Quay. The workshops have been attended by planning officers, English Heritage, Historic Environment, councillors and ING and their historic consultant and architects.

ING is trying extremely hard to accommodate a wide range of constituencies. They are trying to meet the needs of harbour users, restore sluicing, and improve Foundry Square and Isis Garden. It is now unlikely that a cinema will be built on South Quay but ING is promising one on North Quay instead.

A difficult issue, that seems non-negotiable as far as English Heritage is concerned, is the need to remove the infill dumped into the Carnsew channel. This reduces development land for ING but would be a major gain from a heritage viewpoint.

Click here for some interesting photographs and historical maps of the South Quay produced by Nick Cahill of Cornwall Council Historic Environment.

08 April 2011. The Wave Hub project is facing a change of management. The Somerset Cricket Club has announced that Guy Lavender, the current Wave Hub manager, will be the club's new chief executive starting in May. Despite this, things are still on track for an announcement soon regarding the first wave energy generator to be connected to the Wave Hub. Claire Gibson from the RDA will be the interim manager.

04 April 2011. ING RED has restructured its professional team and now has a new heritage consultant and a new team of architects.

The historic consultant is Stephen Levrant and the architects are Bath-based firm Feilden Clegg Bradley. They have already made visits to Hayle and seem committed to respecting the heritage elements of the site.

A series of Heritage Workshops will be taking place over the next few weeks where key stakeholders will be able to steer the design.

26 February 2011. The minutes of the meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee which considered the supermarket applications are now available here.
24 February 2011. I have now updated the consultee reports for the ING supermarket application. I have also published the officer's report to the committee. Click here.

18 February 2011. Marilyn and Louise at the Salt Gallery in Copperhouse have formed Save our NHS (Cornwall) - largely through 38degrees on facebook.

Our National Health Service in Cornwall is under threat. The Health and Social Care Bill currently before parliament will allow the increased involvement of profit-led private companies in our health service. There will no longer be a single Cornwall National Health Service. Instead there will be many separate consortia led by GPs. Read the details here and get a copy of the petition here.

They intend to campaign locally to raise awareness of the Health and Social Care Bill which is having its 3rd reading in 5/6 weeks. They already have 36 supporters and need your help. Contact them at:

Marilyn and Louise

Salt Gallery, 57 Fore Street, Copperhouse, Hayle


11 February 2011. The Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee was unconvinced by ING's plans for a supermarket on South Quay and voted to defer for five months. The Morrisons and ASDA applications were similarly deferred and the Sainsbury application was rejected.

02 February 2011. The planning officer's recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee is now available. Click here to download.

ING South Quay:

13. Recommendation:
13.1 That the matter is delegated to the Head of Planning and Regeneration to approve the proposal subject to:
13.2 The satisfactory completion of negotiations to include additional conditions where appropriate, in respect of the following details:-

  • Design.
  • Delivery of the cinema.
  • Matters arising from Environmental Statement update
  • Conclusion of all Heads of Terms for the Section106 Agreement.

Morrisons/Jewsons Site:

Recommendation: Refusal

ASDA/Rugby Ground:

Recommendation: Refusal

Sainsbury/Marsh Lane:

Recommendation: Refusal

31 January 2011. Wave Hub, the pioneering marine energy project in Cornwall, has welcomed a pledge from UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker to support the creation of a marine energy park in South West England to spearhead the commercial development of marine renewables.

The Minister made the commitment during the first meeting of the UK Marine Energy Programme Board at the University of Exeter today (January 31). The Programme aims to bring together Government and the private sector to accelerate the development of the marine renewables sector in the UK by removing hurdles to its commercialisation.

And in Hayle in Cornwall some £15 million is being invested – including £5 million from the UK Government – in new roads and infrastructure for the development of a marine renewables business park at the point where Wave Hub is connected to the mainland. Work will start in the coming weeks.

26 January 2011. The Strategic Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 3 February has been moved to 9 February at 9:30 am.

Click here to go to the Cornwall Council page announcing this.

It says:

  • The agenda will be displayed in the week before the meeting
  • Proposed Venue: Council Chamber, Cornwall Council, County Hall, Truro, TR1 3AY.
  • Contact: Michelle Davey, Senior Democratic Services Officer, 01209 614385

Note: This meeting has been moved from Thursday 3 to Wednesday 9 February in response to the large number of public representations received following the public meeting on 19 January.

23 January 2011. The Hayle Town Council meeting to consider the supermarket applications took place on the 20th of January. The official results will occur when the minutes are approved in due course. An unofficial summary (which may contain errors and simplifications) follows.

Number of votes received for either 'no objection' or against 'objection':

  ASDA 7
  ING 6
  Morrison 3
  Sainsbury 0

Number of applications that councillors supported:

  0 3
  1 4
  2 6
  Total 13

That is: 3 councillors supported none of the applications and six councillors supported two.

Number of councillors supporting the following combinations:

  Morrison Only 0
  ASDA Only 1
  ING Only 3
  ASDA+Morrison 3
  None 3
  Total 13

There were 13 councillors voting at the meeting.

There was a small majority in favour of the ASDA application and a couple of conditions were requested. There was a small majority against the ING application but support was offered if several conditions could be met. The other two applications had large majorities against.

21 January 2011. The answers to questions posed at the Wednesday night public meeting on the Hayle Supermarkets are starting to be posted by Cornwall Council. You can read the latest here and then click on 'Latest on Hayle Supermarkets' under General Planning.

You can also read the answers in pdf format here (updated 21/1/11)

18 January 2011. The signage on the railway footpath is greatly improved. Before:
After the clean-up:
10 January 2011.  The footpath leading from Hayle Terrace to the railway station had a pretty good clean-up yesterday under the leadership of the Hayle Harbour Trust. The hope is that the land will be brought into public ownership. Shown below is the historic, listed sand drag which was used to catch runaway trains speeding down the steep incline and is believed to be the first in the country.
07 January 2011.  Cornwall Council has issued a press release about the public meeting to discuss the supermarket applications (19 January, 6-30pm, Hayle Community School). Read the press release here.
01 January 2011. For your convenience, I have now put the four supermarket applications on-line [ING, Morrison, ASDA & Sainsbury]. The complete set of documents is available for viewing at Cornwall Council offices at St. Clare and at the Hayle Town Council Office (0930-1230, Mon-Fri, from 4 Jan). Click here to read them on line.

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