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News Items

18 December 2012. Cllr. Anne-Marie Rance, as part of her MSc in Science, has written a paper on climate change and coastal erosion as it affects Hayle. Anyone interested in the issues of erosion, sluicing and sea-level rise as they relate to Hayle will find this paper interesting. Read it here.
16 December 2012. Penpol Terrace resident Mervyn Sullivan sent these photographs with the note: ' Opened our bedroom curtains this morning to this Christmas scene.
The trees on the green opposite us have been covered with knitted/crotcheted white woolen snowflakes of various sizes.
The sign on the trunk says "A gift to Hayle from the Graffiti Grannies" '
Photos: Mervyn Sullivan
11 December 2012. After a long campaign with a large majority in favour, the King George V Memorial Walk is finally going to have legal speed and weight restrictions and will be closed to traffic on Sundays. The results of the official consultation are available here.
26 November 2012. The storm had one casualty, the 100-year-old pine on Penpol Terrace. Luckily no one was hurt, but it will leave a large gap.

Photo: Mervyn Sullivan

25 November 2012. After a presence in the town since 1902, the Daughters of the Cross of Liege are finally closing their convent. Sisters Maureen, Rose and Theresa Imelda have been reassigned and their farewell party was at the Day Care Centre - which overflowed with well-wishers. The Daughters of the Cross brought us St. Michael's Hospital, Marie Therese House neurological centre and St. Julia's Hospice. They also maintained the Downs convent and chapel and their beautiful gardens. Both the latter have the rare 2* listing. They will also be missed for their tireless support of education of the young, help for the downtrodden and were a strong force behind Hayle's Food Bank. These three unassuming ladies and their order will be sorely missed.
The Sisters each received a commemorative plaque from the town council
09 October 2012. After a wait of 10 years, English Heritage has just announced that they have created two new Scheduled Ancient Monuments in Hayle: the Millpond and the Plantation. Scheduling provides the highest level of protection and should keep these sites from any inappropriate development.
The Millpond. Click Image for larger version. Click here for full listing.
The Plantation. Click Image for larger version. Click here for full listing.

20 September 2012. The Hayle in Bloom team travelled to Weston super Mare on the 20th of September to hear the results of the 2012 South West in Bloom judging. Last year they were one of four towns to be awarded Gold but did not win the Preece Cup for best in class. This year, Hayle was the only town to get a Gold and, of course, won the cup for our category.

Congratulations to the whole team, amateurs and professionals.

21 August 2012. The familiar red and green buoys marking the entrance to the harbour (although in the wrong place due to sand movement) are now gone and have been replaced by a single, yellow and black North Cardinal Buoy. Technically, this indicates that anything south of it is dangerous - not a great welcome to the harbour! Local Notice to Mariners 10/12 has been issued by the Harbour Master.

The new buoy replaces the old port buoy.

The starboard buoy is just visible at the prow of the vessel.

15 August 2012. The latest 'cost-saving' measure from Cornwall Council is a consultation on revised charges for traffic management. So, to request a road closure for Hayle's carnival, currently free, could cost up to £380. Read the document here or go to Cornwall Council's site.
14 August 2012. Cornwall Council has started a formal consultation on some changes to road traffic regulations around King George V Memorial Walk. This includes: closing the Walk on Sundays and limiting the weight of vehicles to 7.5 tonnes. When a local petition was raised earlier in the year around 150 signatures for closing the Memorial Walk on Sundays were received. You can respond to the consultation on-line by going to Cornwall Council's site. Or you can download the form here.

31 May 2012. ING and its architects Fielden Clegg Bradley have worked up some ideas of how the Cornwall Records Office could look at either the Viaduct Yard or South Quay sites. They are both great sites but I think the use of South Quay for the CRO would be fantastic. Definitely an improvement on housing.

Since the winning town will still have to convince the Heritage Lottery Fund, the better the concept, the higher the chance. It is hard to see a better prospect than either of these.

Viaduct Yard Proposal
South Quay Proposal-looking south east
South Quay Proposal-looking north
09 May 2012. It's been a long haul, but the S106 agreement has now been signed and Cornwall Council has issued the Decision Notice to ING for the South Quay development. So, finally, ING has planning permission for the South Quay supermarket development which includes the obligation to restore sluicing, repair the harbour walls and restore part of Carnsew Dock. With news that a Fire Station is coming to Commercial Road, all we need is for Hayle to be selected as the site for the Cornwall Records Office and we have completed a hat-trick.
07 May 2012. After three years operating solely over the internet, Penwith Radio has been awarded a full community FM licence. We hope to hear them on the air soon, although it is not likely to be until sometime in 2013. Congratulations to all.

The Penwith Radio Team

06 May 2012. Deputy Mayor Jayne Ninnes has been elected to be town mayor from 10 May 2012. We are fortunate to have a candidate of Jayne's caliber and we can look forward to two good years under her leadership. Cllr. Graham Coad was elected to be the new Deputy Mayor and will provide excellent support in this role.

Photo: West Briton

06 May 2012. Save Our Sands has voted to support bringing Hayle Harbour into the control of a charitable trust, the option also supported by the Hayle Chamber of Commerce.

The consultation on the various options will take place over the next few months.

26 Apr 2012. On the 8th and 9th May from 10am to 8pm, Harvey’s Foundry Trust is inviting the public to come and view the plans for the third phase of the Harvey’s Foundry regeneration project in Hayle. More here.

18 Apr 2012. Hayle in Bloom has been nominated for the highest award open to voluntary organisations: the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

Shown below is the Hayle in Bloom team receiving a certificate recognising the nomination from the Lord Lieutenant, Col. Edward Bolitho and Pat Harvey, Chair of Cornwall Council.

Announcement of award winners will be made in the next couple of months.

04 Apr 2012. The Guardian today had this cartoon. Perhaps those of us in the far west will not find it so funny. Click the cartoon for a larger version.
28 Mar 2012. The weather was just right and the bridge concrete pour commenced. If anything goes wrong, it will cost half a million to start again.
23 Mar 2012. Hayle-resident MP Andrew George stated in the House: "On the sublimely fundamental and seriously important issue of pasty taxes in Cornwall, let me reassure the hon. Gentleman that we will be fighting them on the beaches." He is referring to the change in VAT regulations which will result in 20% VAT being chargeable on pasties. The news has already affected the share price of one large pasty maker.

21 Mar 2012. You can read the draft S106 agreements for the South Quay project by clicking the links. There is still work to do on these but they are now released for review on the understanding that they are DRAFTS.

S106 Agreement

Deed of Undertaking

21 Mar 2012. The date set for pouring the concrete on the new bridge has been pushed back a day to Wednesday, 28 March with a rain date of 29 March.
16 Mar 2012. Cornwall is in line to receive a third round of European funding after the European Commission said today that its economy is still not strong enough. Figures show that Cornwall’s GDP remains below 75% of the European Union average, meaning that it is set to continue to receive funding beyond 2013, when the Convergence Programme draws to a close.
16 Mar 2012. The decision of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government regarding the South Quay application is available here.
14 Mar 2012. Pirate FM is reporting that the Secretary of State has given the green light to ING's plans for South Quay. George Eustice said: "This is fantastic news for Hayle, and will kick-start the economic regeneration of the town. South Quay has been neglected for too long - I am delighted that this scheme will use and enhance the heritage of the area to bring future growth and prosperity."
07 Mar 2012. According to George Eustice MP, the South Quay planning application is now with the Secretary of State and a decision is expected imminently. George has met with DCLG ministers and officials to give them the fullest possible picture of the situation.
21 Feb 2012. The Wave Hub could widen its scope and use one of its four bays to host an offshore wind floating system demonstration. Since only two of the bays have been allocated to wave energy devices so far, it makes sense to use one of the spares for another type of marine energy. It all helps to raise Hayle's image as a green-energy hub. Read the press release here.

19 Feb 2012. The Secretary of State has returned the report on the ING South Quay application to the case officer for further information.

In other news: Pickles blocks Bedford energy-from-waste project.

19 Feb 2012. You have until 2 March 2012 to comment on the Cornwall Council Core Strategy that will set the rules for planning and development for the next 20 years. Cornwall Council's web page on the subject is here.

If you would rather not use Cornwall Council's web site, click below for the documents:

You can give your responses on line.

Also on-line is a summary of the comments received so far. Click here for the version to 19/2. Hayle Town Council's comments are included.

19 Feb 2012. Paul Walker, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, recently gave a presentation to the Haylw & St Ives Community Network describing the rationale behind creating a new station at Tolvadden and a satellite fire station in Hayle. The numbers were convincing and included improvements in response times for almost everyone, including Cambonre and Redruth which would lose their local stations.

The only issue for Hayle is 'where does it go?' The Fire Service is looking at a number of sites, including North Quay, but they favour the Commercial ROad car park - partly because it is owned by Cornwall Council and is the worse-performing car park in Cornwall.

The sketch below indicates the size of the isntallation. Some people may be concerned at a further encroachment of views across Copperhouse Pool.

Have your say via the review on the web site.

Click here for the full site drawing.

30 Jan 2012. Dr. Matthew Boulter of West Cornwall Hospital, together with Lezli Boswell, Chief Executive of RCHT, made an interesting and convincing argument for their plans for West Cornwall Hospital. The idea is to focus Urgent Care at WCH since a Type 1 A&E is totally out of reach due to the requirement to have a wide range of specialists available on a 24/7 basis. I was convinced by the presentation, partly because it was designed from the bottom up by GPs and doctors working at WCH and not by bureaucrats in an office. Consultations and more details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. See the presentation here.

30 Jan 2012. There is a consultation taking place about plans to reorganise fire service cover in Hayle, Camborne and Redruth. The proposals will finally bring a lot of Hayle within the target of a 10 minute response time to an alarm and also improve things for Camborne and Redruth.

You can respond to the consultation here. I am hoping that we can avoid putting the new fire station on the Commercial Road Car Park since some open views over Copperhouse Pool should remain. I would be interested to hear if you have some practical alternatives. Sites that will cost a lot to buy will probably sink the business plan. See the presentation here.

30 Jan 2012. The report by the old Government Office SW making a recommendation to the Secretary of State should be sent within the week. A best guess on response from the Secretary is the end of February.

Cornwall Council has produced a list of 6 possible structures for an organisation to take over the harbour. It did not include a charitable trust. It does now.

Cornwall Council's harbour master seems to want to split the harbour from the associated land that ING is willing to gift. While it is important that the harbour is properly financed and is able to run properly, it is asinine to split off the land. No organisation will want to take on land that is primarily a liability without some means of funding it. By inlcuding the harbour and land as one element it will ensure that the whole harbour can be developed for the people of Hayle without leaving bits in a mess - as it is now.

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