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News Items

11 January 2015. This tea towel, made by Poppy Treffry in St Ives, was spotted for sale in the window of a shop in Concord, Massachusetts a few days ago.

Kudos for Cornish companies that market internationally.

06 December 2014. Arthur Fairhurst was a Works Manager at Associated Octel on the North Quay at Hayle. He ran the plant almost until its closure.

He has written some monographs on various facets of the operation and has kindly made them available. They include the history of Associated Octel, the chemical industry in Hayle, manufacture of anti-knock compounds and memories of the Torrey Canyon disaster.

Read them here.

24 July 2014. The web cam is back in operation.

31 March 2014. Claire Gibson, Managing Director of Wave Hub Ltd. reports some good news:

It has been an exciting few months at Wave Hub with two of the four berths being reserved for the demonstration of 10MW wave energy arrays. This is in addition to the 6MW floating offshore wind project the Energy Technologies Institute and US based Glosten Associates are planning to test at Wave Hub.

The first wave device will be installed at Wave Hub by Seatricity, a UK device developer that is working with local supply chain companies such as A&P Falmouth to design, build and install a single device over the next couple of months before progressing to an array of 60 devices next year. Fortum Corporation, a major Finnish utility company, has also given us a vote of confidence by reserving a berth for the deployment of up to 10 wave energy devices. Fortum is in the process of selecting their technology partner and is targeting next summer for the installation of their first device.

Wave Hub is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced test site for offshore renewable energy technology and every company that visits us is impressed not only with our facility but also with the experienced supply chain and research capability that exists here in Cornwall. Our maritime heritage and understanding of the sea has provided a fantastic platform for us to build a new marine energy industry with a global reach and, by continuing to work together, we can ensure Cornwall realises its fair share of the 19,500 jobs and £800 million GVA per annum that is forecast for the UK over the next decade.

The ERDF Convergence partners placed huge faith in Wave Hub when they approved the investment back in 2009, a decision that was not without risk. The time has now come for this faith to be repaid and for Cornwall to reap the rewards.

- See more here.

25 February 2014. I posted photographs form J&F Pool's factory in 1915 last June.

Today, I learned that the granddaughter of Miss Clemence, shown right, is living in Cornwall - and also her mother who is now 90.

Find out more here.

If you recognise any of the people in these photographs, or have other historical information to share, please contact me.


Miss Clemence in 1915

25 February 2014. Network Rail and Cornwall Council (using money form ING's S106 payments) are working together to improve the access to Hayle Station.

Network Rail is trying to remove 'barrow crossings', that is, foot crossing of railway lines, to reduce accidents. To replace the one at Hayle station they will improve the access between the up and down platforms and also provide a footpath all the way down to Hayle Terrace - complete with street lighting.

Work is under way and the footpath will be closed occasionally during construction.

Existing Barrow Crossing Will Be Removed


New Access Between Up and Down Platforms (Click Image for Details)

24 February 2014. Finnish multi-national utilities firm, Fortum, has signed an agreement to secure a berth at Wave Hub, the offshore renewable energy test facility off the Hayle coast. The leasing agreement gives Fortum the opportunity to deploy an array of advanced full scale wave power converters in real sea conditions at one of Wave Hub’s four berths.

Wave Hub

Fortum is a leading energy company focusing on the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim area, with annual sales of €6 billion and employing some 10,000 people. The company has been actively involved in wave energy development since 2007.

6 November 2013. Hayle has had a flurry of bird watching excitement over the last week with a sighting of a North American wader (a long-billed dowitcher?). The latest Twitter feeds with sightings in Hayle can be seen at the bottom right of this page. Click here.
1 November 2013. Hayle has some interesting history in some surprising places. The unprepossessing Octel building on North Quay was home to some top secret work in the Second World Ward helping to keep our Spitfires flying. The plant was built to extract bromine from seawater and Hayle was chosen because of the availability of warm sea water from the power station together with good rail and road links. The bromine was an additive to petrol required to reduce the corrosion caused by the octane booster tetraethyl lead (TEL). Thanks to the Trevithick Society and the author, two articles on this subject are available here.
1 November 2013. The Hayle Old Cornwall Society is hosting a lecture by Peter Channon tonight on "Hayle and High-Octane Fuel". Check out the 2013-14 programme of the OCS here.
24 September 2013. Cornwall Council's Western Planning Committee approved the new fire station in Hayle with 13 votes in favour and 1 abstention. Hayle last had a fire station in the Second World War and that was closed soon after the war ended. Hayle has been fighting to reinstate it ever since. Few, if any, councillors favoured the Commercial Road car park site, but given the choice between there and nowhere, the support at Hayle Town Council was unanimous. In terms of response time, Hayle was badly served by the station in Camborne. Many opposed to the fire station on Commercial Road have pointed out traffic difficulties. Those same traffic difficulties were compounded when the appliance had to come from Camborne. The current town council is trying hard to preserve what view there is left of Copperhouse Pool - but we were willing to give up a bit for something as important to the community as a fire station (and police and ambulance centre).

07 September 2013. Cranford Developments is seeking planning permission for a retail development on the land adjacent to Marks & Spencer on Marsh Lane. Sainsbury tried to get planning permission for the same site but was rejected on a number of grounds that may apply this time too. There is a consultation on 14 September at the Passmore Edwards Institute.

You can read more at www.hayleshoppingpark.co.uk.

22 June 2013. Yesterday UNESCO, meeting in Cambodia, voted without debate to support the recommendations of its working party which called for a halt to the construction of a supermarket on South Quay. Since this cannot happen under UK planning law without substantial compensation being paid, this signals the first step in the potential loss of World Heritage Status for Hayle and perhaps for the entire Cornwall and West Devon Mining Heritage Area.

The next step lies with the UK government (the State Party). You can read the resolutions by clicking here.

22 June 2013. While going through old documents belonging to Ken Coombe, works director at J&F Pool, I came across these photographs from the First World War - almost 100 years old. Click on the Photo Gallery to see them all.

13 June 2013. The Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee has formed a working party, under the chairmanship of Howard Lyons, to investigate the possibility of cleaning up the pollution in Copperhouse Pool. Meetings have already been held with the Exeter University Environment and Sustainability Institute and with Wardell Armstrong - experts in remediation.

As a first step, we have been collecting scientific studies that have been undertaken on Copperhouse Pool and the surrounding area and these are now available here.

If you are aware of any others, please let me know.

03 May 2013. In the elections for Cornwall Council, John Pollard and John Coombe were elected. Hayle residents Harry Blakeley and Derek Elliot were also elected in other wards.

03 May 2013. The elections for Hayle Town Council had the following results:

South Ward

Surname Forename Description
Birch Paul Independent
Blakeley Henry Frederick A Voice For The People
Cocks David William John Independent
Coombe John Roberts Independent
Mims Robert Hindle Independent - Hayle First
Ninnes Jayne Labour Party Candidate
Philp Owen Independent - Hayle Harbour Support Group
Polkinghorne Clive Edward Independent
Rance Anne-Marie The Labour Party Candidate

North Ward

Surname Forename Description
Bennett John Independent - Hayle First
Capper Brian Independent
Coad Graham Hayle Born Independent Councillor Retired Policeman
Farrar Nicholas John Independent
Kemp Michael Richard Independent - Hayle First!
Lello Robert Hugho Independent - Hayle First
Lyons Howard Michael Independent - Hayle First
Philp Edgar Colin Independent - Hayle Harbour Support Group
Pollard David John Independent
08 April 2013. The Coastal Community Fund has opened for applications and the Hayle Harbour Trust, Ltd., a local charity which I chair, will be resubmitting a £1.6 million application for regeneration work on East Quay. Our application in 2012 was unsuccessful, but the evaluation committee has fast-tracked us to resubmit in 2013 - an encouraging sign. We are now working with award winning architects Feilden Clegg Bradley as well as local architect Bob Mims to ensure we have the best chance of winning in this round. The project will generate over 60 direct jobs and many indirect jobs.
28 February 2013. The sluice gates that once controlled the flow from Copperhouse Pool have been saved thanks to an initiative by Cllr. Anne-Marie Rance and Hayle gardener Mike Kemp. They are shown here being installed on the King George V Memorial Walk thanks to North Quay contractors Carillion.
25 February 2013. The power station canteen, for decades an eyesore on the North Quay, has finally been demolished. The North Quay is looking much improved.

17 February 2013. Marine Minerals Ltd. has come up with the idea of processing the sediment in several areas of the sea where the outfall of rivers has left substantial mineral deposits - one of these would be St. Ives Bay. Although the details are still sketchy, they would design a vessel that would move across the sea floor, sucking up sediment, processing it, returning over 90% and then taking the rest to the shore for processing.

The good news is that Hayle Harbour could benefit from substantial harbour dues, the potential bad news could be damage to the bay. MML is committed to doing the work in an environmentally sensitive way. Save Our Sands, the Chamber of Commerce and Hayle Town Council are all taking a neutral position until the full details are known.

The vessel sampling the sea bed for MML

18 December 2012. Cllr. Anne-Marie Rance, as part of her MSc in Science, has written a paper on climate change and coastal erosion as it affects Hayle. Anyone interested in the issues of erosion, sluicing and sea-level rise as they relate to Hayle will find this paper interesting. Read it here.

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