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Actoris Ltd. (Morrison, Jewson's Site) Supermarket Application

2010/11 (and 8/2011 update)

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Morrisons Supermarket Perspective View
August 2011 Updates
Cover Letter

Revised Design and Access Statement (8.5Mb)

Plans and Drawings (7.8Mb)
Environmental Statement 2nd Addendum
Environmental Statement
Environmental Statement Supplementary Transport Report (4.5Mb)
Pedestrian Connectivity Plans (5.2Mb)

Initial Submission
Consultee Reports
CABE Design Review, 23 November 2010
English Heritage (No objection)
Planning and LBC
Application Forms and Covering Letters (Planning and Listed Building Consent)
Listed Building Application Cover Letter
Listed Building Signed Application Form
Planning Application Cover Letter
Planning Application Signed Application Form
Design and Access Statement (Planning and Listed Building)
SP241 - 20_04_2010 FULL DOCUMENT (Full Size)
Engineering Design Statement (Planning)
10 03 26 Engineering Design Statement(FULL) (2)
Planning Statement (Planning and Listed Building)
Planning Statement
Appendix 1 - Demolition Plan

SP241 - P02 Demolitions Plan

Appendix 2 - Schedule of Materials

Material Schedule A (2)

Appendix 3- PROW Definitive Map

Hayle 16 43 (Current) (2)

Heritage Statement (Planning and Listed Building)
Appendix 1. Cornwall Council Hayle Harbour Maps. Pdfs

CC Hayle Harbour Map A Aerial

CC Hayle Harbour Map B - WHS

CC Hayle Harbour Map C

CC Hayle Harbour Map D - CA

CC Hayle Harbour Map E

CC Hayle Harbour Map F - OS1907

CC Hayle Harbour Map G - OS1880

CC Hayle Harbour Map H - Tithe

Appendix 2. James Brotherhood CV Pdf

JB CV at 8th April 2010

PPS 4 Impact Assessment (Planning)
PPS4 Impact Assessment Report
Appendix 1 Scoping Request
Appendix 1 Scoping response
Appendix 2
Appendix 3 Sequential Site Assessment FINAL
Appendix 3 Sequential Sites Plan
Appendix 4 Hayle Town Centre businesses
Appendix 5.1
Appendix 5.2
Appendix 5.3
Appendix 5.4
Appendix 5.5
Appendix 5.6
Scheme Plans (Planning and Listed Building)
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Engineering Drawings

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General Drawings

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Landscape Plans

CA 9.01 HAYLE Existing Features 23 March 2010 Overall A3

CA 9.02 HAYLE Existing Features Rev31 March 2010 Detail A3

CA 9.09 Landscape Proposals

CA 9.10 Landscape Planting Details

Statement of Community Involvement (Planning and Listed Building Consent)
Statement of Community Involvement
Appendix 2.1 - Savills meeting note

100121 Meeting with CC

Appendix 2.2 - JB meeting note 1

JB meeting 1

Appendix 2.3 - JB meeting note 2

meeting 2

Appendix 2.4 Press Release

Hayle 1 draft 4

Press article

Appendix 2.5 Advert


Hayle ad copy v2

Appendix 2.6 Invitation

10 February 2010





[Add name and address]




Dear ...


Invitation to Preview of Public Exhibition - Proposed Morrisons Supermarket at the Jewsons site, Carnsew Quay


As you may be aware from recent press reports, Actoris Limited are proposing to submit a planning application for a new food store to be operated by Morrisons Supermarkets on the Jewsons site at Carnsew Quay in Hayle.


The planning application for the 3 acre site will comprise a 36,000 sqft food store along with approximately 250 parking spaces.  Unlike proposed out of town schemes, this site will complement the existing town centre retail offer rather than drawing shoppers out of the town centres to supermarkets in the surrounding area as happens at present, or to out of town proposals that are before the Council at present.


It is hoped that the enhanced parking facilities will benefit Hayle Town Centre as a whole, with shoppers choosing to visit other facilities in addition to the proposed supermarket.


The developers believe the site’s location offers the convenience of a town centre location, but does not comprise the town’s heritage or blight views of the South Quay.


We will shortly be holding a public exhibition of the proposals and would like to invite you to a preview session to be held at the Passmore Edwards Institute, 13-15 Hayle Terrace on Thursday 18 February from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.


This will provide an opportunity for you to find out more about the details of our proposals in advance of the public exhibition which is to follow on Friday 19 February (10.00am to 7.00pm) and Saturday 20 February (10.00am to 2.00pm).


We intend to provide a short and informative presentation at the commencement of the session and thereafter members of our development team will be present to respond to your queries and you can view the exhibition thereafter.


The intention is to provide a preview to local stakeholders, with the exhibition being opened to the general public on the following two days.  We have endeavoured to invite as many stakeholders as possible to the preview, but in the event that you are aware of someone who has not been invited, but should have, please feel free to pass this invitation on to them.


We hope that you are able to attend but if this is not possible, we hope to see you at one of the public exhibition sessions on the following two days.


If you would like to discuss the proposals direct, please contact either Geraint John, Paul Williams or Laura Price on 02920 368920.


Yours sincerely






Geraint John






Appendix 2.7 Presentation

Hayle Slideshow (Powerpoint)

Appendix 2.8 Boards

Hayle Presentation FINAL DRAFT(email version) (2)


Appendix 2.9 leaflet


Appendix 2.10 feedback form

Feedback form

Appendix 3.1 feedback analysis

Summary of comments1

Transport Assessment and Travel Plan (Planning)
2255 Hayle Transport Assessment
2255 Hayle Travel Plan
Addendum to Engineering Drawings List and Plans
Updated Engineering Drawings
Statement of Community Involvement (Planning and Listed Building Consent)
Environmental Statement
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