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Hospital Services Protest March - August 2006
Election 2007 - Hayle Town and District Council results

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06 December 2007. Read the Penwith Retail Study prepared by GVA Grimley LLP for Penwith District Council.  Note that it recommends no further 'out-of-town' development and all new retail growth will be concentrated on South Quay.  I would appreciate your feedback.

15 November 2007. There is a strong commitment from the Devon and Cornwall police towards neighbourhood policing.  This means focussing resources where the community thinks it is important. 

09 November 2007. The RNLI is testing a new lifeboat and launching system. On November 2, and again on the 9th. they have been in front of the Black Cliff practising launching and recovery.  More pictures and video here.

05 November 2007. The Hayle Old Cornwall Society programme for 2007-08 is now available here.

09 October 2007. Wave Hub gets go-ahead.  The UK Government has given the go-ahead for Cornwall’s Wave Hub. Planning approval is the final piece in the jigsaw for the £28m Wave Hub project, which will provide a leased and consented area of sea where companies developing wave energy technology can test their devices, plugging into a shared electrical connection on the seabed, some 16km from the coast. Read more.

05 October 2007. Hayle Town Council has resolved to “support the construction of 5 market value houses maximum on the existing footprint subject to: the open space being vested to Hayle Town Council prior to building, the open space being landscaped, the wave wall being continued along the entire length of the site and all of the houses providing off street parking”. It was also resolved that “it is the will of the Town Council to further the first resolution” (meaning to support Hawkins if they pursued this approach). The Council arrived at this conclusion because: talks between Hawkins and Penwith District Council had stalled after two years of trying; when asked in a Parish Poll “Should Hawkins Motors site on Hayle Terrace be brought into public ownership for use as an amenity area in perpetuity?” 90% voted in favour; the site is now in a Conservation Area and a World Heritage Site; Environment Agency regulations now require buildings to be raised 1.6m for flood protection (adding almost a floor in height); over 50 affordable units have been constructed in Hayle in the last three years and 175 are anticipated in the harbour development; and, the Council wishes to protect and improve access to Copperhouse Pool as much as possible. PDC is opposing our resolution on the grounds of pressing need for affordable housing – and Hayle councillors are acutely aware of this need. Unfortunately, building 26 affordable units on this limited space is unlikely to result in a building which the people of Hayle are happy with. Hayle Council has given PDC until January 1st to come up with a design – after which, if the design is not suitable, we will pursue our original resolution.

Please send me your views – I represent you.

29 September 2007.  Many of you have contacted me to report the installation of an Access Restricted sign on the old branch line which is the subject of a Village Green application. Placing this sign means that use of the land is no longer a right and that the owners (Hayle Harbour Management Ltd. and ING) will be able to close the area in future should they wish to develop the land for housing or other purposes.
If you have used the land for any of the period from 1982 to September 2007 and it has been for recreational use, and you have not been prevented from doing so, please contact me so that I can give you a form to complete to support the application. Your help is very important.

20 September 2007.  Hayle in Bloom has done it again and taken the Gold in the South West in Bloom competition.  The Millpond Gardens were awarded a Merit in the Neighbourhood Awards.  Congratulations and good luck for the Britain in Bloom competition next week.

Take a look at www.hayleinbloom.org.uk

19 September 2007. PDC has voted to continue the CCTV system that is installed in Hayle, Penzance and St. Ives provided that Penzance votes to support it on October 1st.  Hayle and St. Ives have already given the go ahead, but it requires support from all three towns.

18 August 2007. Who really invented the steam engine?  The Institution of Engineering and Technology's magazine, Engineering Technology, August 2007, has a surprising answer.  Read more.

02 August 2007. PDC Tourism section has conducted a 'How's Business?' survey.  The results are:

How did business between January and June 2007 compare with the same period during 2006? 

  • Increased significantly 17%
  • Increased slightly 31%
  • Stayed about the same 12%
  • Decreased slightly 19%
  • Decreased significantly 22%

Looking to the future, how do you think business between July and December 2007 will change compared with the same period during 2006?

  • Increase significantly 10%
  • Increase slightly 29%
  • Stay about the same 22%
  • Decrease slightly 18%
  • Decrease significantly 20%

Are you more or less optimistic about the prospect for the tourism industry in the South West than you were at this time last year?

  • More optimistic 21%
  • About the same 32%
  • Less optimistic 48%

The survey is based on 126 tourism business responses from around the region

31 July 2007. Penwith District Council has produced an excellent guide to Penwith entitled Days out in West Cornwall by Boot, Bus and Branchline.  Download your copy here.

25 July 2007. Cornwall County Council's Unitary Council proposal has been given the go-ahead by the government.

"This is a very exciting time for Cornwall" said David Whalley (Lib Dem), the Leader of Cornwall County Council. "Cornwall has been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape its own future and create a new system of local government which will better meet the needs of every resident, business and organisation in the county. And, this is only the beginning. We know that Government has already set out plans for more powers to be given to cities. We will be asking the Government to consider Cornwall in this process and devolve more powers to the Council so that important decisions which affect Cornwall can be made in Cornwall".

Read more on the County's web site.

21 July 2007. Beach Dog Control Orders are being discussed at PDC on the 25th of July.  The proposal is to reduce the restrictions on dog access to the beach.  Read the details here and contact me if you have any views.

19 July 2007. Marks & Spencer opened today after a long battle over planning issues.  There were 300 cars in the rugby club overflow area and 200 in the main car park.  Costa Coffee also opened today.

27 June 2007. Meet your South Ward councillors.  Short bios are available here.

13 June 2007.  Kerrier and Penwith have published the West Cornwall CCTV Annual Report.  Read a copy here.

08 June 2007.  Last night the Hayle Town Council agreed to continue to investigate the old Hawkins Site on Hayle Terrace.  A sub-committee consisting of Duncan Cook, Brian Capper, Robb Lello and me will meet with various parties and then report back to the council.

The image below is by town architect Bob Mims and is one suggestion for how the land could be used. (Click on the image for a larger version)

Still to be determined is whether town residents will support the acquisition of the land given that it would cost the average council tax payer about £10 per year for the next 50 years in council tax.

©2003, Robert Mims

©2003, Robert Mims

12 June 2007.  The Townscape/Streetscape improvements are under way at Foundry Square.  The plan of the work is shown below and more details are given here.

3 June 2007Fire Service Information Day

Local Fire Fighters will be in attendance from 11 am to 7 pm at Phillack Church Hall, Hayle on Monday, 4th June to inform you of the implications of the cuts from County Hall on our fire service in the town and surrounding areas. In short, the proposed cuts will downgrade the service at Camborne and Falmouth Fire Stations which will mean: No guaranteed night cover in Cornwall - the only county in the British Isles with this limited service.

  • A minimum of 5 minutes increase in response time to our community - on top of the 10 minutes it already takes
  • 60% of businesses cease trading after a fire - not something we can afford in Hayle

In addition, the cuts mean:

  • A cut of 35 full-time firefighters - 1 in 6 of full-time posts
  • Camborne fire station not manned from 6 pm to 8 am requiring additional time in the event of a nightime fire.  Fires at night are generally the most destructive.
Please come to talk to the firefighters and show solidarity with their attempts to send a strong message to County Hall.

02 June 2007.  Cornwall County Council has presented a proposal for a Unitary Council for Cornwall that would remove the existing District and Borough Councils and have a single body with 82 elected representatives to deliver all of the existing services. Four of the District Councils are carrying out a poll of tax payers to see if they approve of this concept.  There was a government-mandated 12-week consultation period and only three weeks remain.  This is considered by most district and town councillors to be a ridiculously short period.  Read more here.

31 May 2007.  Sunset over Lelant by aerial photographer Peter Channon.

© 2007, Peter Channon, overcornwall@yahoo.co.uk

05 May 2007.  The election results for the Hayle District and Town elections are in.  Cleck here for details.

03 May 2007.  The news remains extremely positive on the healthcare front.  Mr. John Watkinson, the relatively new Chief Executive of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, gave a presentation to the Hayle Town Council last Thursday that was both frank and encouraging.  Recognising that much remained to be done, Mr. Watkinson outlined what he had already achieved and what plans he had for the short and medium term.  He extolled the virtues of St. Michael's and demonstrated his confidence in the hospital by having leg surgery there!  The Council were united in support for the plans he espoused and offered their full support.

26 April 2007.  The astonishingly harmful Draft Regional Spatial Strategy is now undergoing the Examination in Public (EIP) stage.  Read more here.

21 April 2007.  The Village Green application looks set to fail.  Read the letter from the County Council's Legal Services here.

18 April 2007. ING has appointed architects LDA Design of Exeter to look at certain aspects of the project including how the new development will connect to the existing town and how people will travel around and between the elements of the project.  There are also some interesting ideas on how best to use the space available.  LDA Design has made presentations to the Hayle Town Council and to Harvey's Foundry Trust.  They have kindly sent a copy of their presentation and you can view it here.

15 April 2007. The Hayle Area Plan now has a web site and newsletter  intended to keep participants up-to-date with all the activities.  Take a look at www.hayleareaplan.org.uk.

10 April 2007. Check out my Election Page for information on the Town and District elections.

04 April 2007.  SWERDA has applied some European funds to an interesting idea: Cornwall Aerospace Defence Initiative (CADI). This is designed to assist companies, particularly in the Hayle, Camborne and Redruth areas, to gain contracts in the lucrative aviation and defense sectors.  Hayle's Rigibore is a member. Although this project was started in 2005 there has recently been additional funding to assist companies to meet the quality and technical requirements of the aerospace sectors.  Bringing high-tech jobs to the area helps to raise wages and standard of living for all. 

18 March 2007. The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Economic Forum has published a Strategy and Action plan for the Economic Development of the area for 2007-2021.  Read it here.

12 March 2007. A rare Russian visitor was spotted in Hayle this week. It is the White-Billed Diver (Gavia adamsii), an annual vagrant - usually to Shetland and northern Scotland. There have been only a few hundred sightings in Britain and these are mostly up North.  This photograph was taken on Copperhouse Pool from Merchant Curnow's Quay.

07 March 2007. Lynette Forsdyke-Crofts has introduced an exciting new idea for Hayle - the Cafe Scientifique.  The idea is that excellent speakers present scientific topics to a lay audience in a relaxed atmosphere and let the debate begin.  The last one on genetics was excellent.  The next one on Monday 12 March is entitled Putting the Microbes Back in Biology.  Click here for the poster.

25 February 2007. Future Planning Policy - opinions needed...  The Penwith Local Development Framework will be a new set of planning documents to guide development over the next 20 years. The first document to be produced is called the 'Core Strategy'. . . . Click here to find out more.

17 February 2007. The IDEA's latest update to the Councillor's Guide is now available.  Click on 'become a councillor' on the right and then download it.

15 February 2007. Is tourism the life-blood of Cornwall?  The Cornwall Destination Management Office has commissioned a 'Destination Audit'.  Read it here and decide if this will solve West Cornwall's employment problem.

12 February 2007. High-resolution imagery from space now covers Hayle.  It hasn't reached St. Ives or Penzance yet, but we have it.  The Passmore Edwards Institute is centred below.

Check it out for yourself at www.wikimapia.org.

08 February 2007. The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust has issued its strategy in a document entitled "A Healthy Future for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly". This has some exciting information for those of us in West Cornwall including the complete restoration of services at St. Michael's and doctor-led A&E being confirmed at West Cornwall Hospital.  Cautious optimism is, I believe, called for.  Read the document here.

04 February 2007. The Hayle Residents Association has set up a new forum to fill the vacuum created when the venerable Hayle Eye closed.  The new forum is at www.haylevoice.com.

01 February 2007. At the District Council meeting last night, Jim McKenna reported on recent meetings regarding health services in West Cornwall.  St. Michael's Hospital now looks set to have all services restored AND to have investment in additional services.  7x24 A&E is to be restored/maintained at West Cornwall Hospital - although clarification on the exact nature of the service is being sought.  All this is being funded by an additional £65 million from central governement.  So basically all of the demands we made during our march in August have been met. While things are definitely looking better we are not standing down until we see action.  "Trust but verify!"

24 January 2007. The Fire Brigades Union issues a press release in their fight to retain services. 

17 January 2007.  Jackie and Brian Pierce have pulled the plug on Hayle Eye claiming that it no longer fulfilled the purpose for which they created it.  Read more and have your say on my forum.

12 January 2007. Cornwall County Council is threatening to end 24-hour manning of the fire station in Camborne - the station that serves Hayle.  This will add 5-10 minutes to response times outside the day shift.  It is time for an appliance in Hayle. 

11 January 2007. A constituent asked if the rumour was true that all of the recycling materials collected from households were sent to a land fill.  Read the detailed response from PDC's recycling manager here.

07 January 2007.  After several years work, the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative for the Hayle Area has been published and the hard work of turning the plans into reality has started.  There is a meeting to kick-off  the project delivery groups on Tuesday, 16th January at 7:30 pm.  It will be held in the Day Care Centre next to the Hayle Library.  Please come along. 

For more details click here.



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