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20 December 2006.  At the Hayle Town Council meeting on 7 December I proposed that we write to ING and all interested parties to see if we could use the Swing Bridge off Hayle Terrace as the access to the North Quay rather than a new bridge that would harm several listed structures.  The Council resolved to do this.  For further details click here.

16 December 2006.  Following Network Rail's closure of the Hayle Station crossing to pedestrians without notice I wrote to MP Abdrew George.  He has now responded with a copy of his letter to Network Rail.  See the letter here.

09 December 2006.  A feature of the towans landscape since 1933, the 132kV pylons have finally come down between Riviere Farm and the harbour.

The original Grid started at Hayle in 1933 with a single circuit operating at 132,000 volts and erected up the spine of Cornwall through to Devon.

In 1960 the first 9 towers were converted to double circuit with new conductor earth wire and fittings. The remainder of the line was refurbished in 1975.

The lines have a capacity of 125MVA.  The cost was around £1.5 million funded totally by Western Power Distribution.

07 December 2006.  Hayle Town Council discussed a letter received from the Phillack Glebe Committee about land suitable for allotments.  Read more here.

28 November 2006.  Three objections were raised to the application to register the land between Hayle Station and Hayle Terrace as a village green.  Click here for full details.

24 November 2006.  The Hayle Town Council Resource Committee met yesterday to consider the precept (Town Council's part of the Council Tax) for 2007-8.  Inflation is forecast at about 4% next year and the resource committee was able to come up with a draft budget that would allow the council's budget to remain level increasing only be the inflation figure.  However, PDC is asking Hayle, St. Ives and Penzance to pay a substantial amount towards the cost of upgrading the CCTV system.  This would cause the precept to rise by about 10%Read more here.

20 November 2006.  The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Convergence Operational Programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been launched.  The document outlines the priorities for ERDF Convergence funding in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, 2007-2013. Read it here.

20 November 2006. The Local Government White Paper entitled Strong and Prosperous Communities has been published.   The aim is "to give local people and local communities more influence and power to improve their lives."  Read it here.

20 November 2006. The final Regional Economic Strategy is now available for download.

19 November 2006. On 30 October 2006, the Department for Work and Pensions launched a consultation on the European Social Fund (ESF) in England and Gibraltar in 2007-2013. The consultation seeks views on the draft ESF Operational Programme. The deadline for responses is 22 January 2007.

13 November 2006.  Sign up for periodic newsletters and alerts on Hayle issues by clicking here.

11 November 2006.  Hayle featured in PDC's Shorelines Magazine.  Click here for the Spotlight on Hayle.

08 November 2006.  RCHT issues a press release on "Service changes to improve and modernise patient care".  Given their record, this is a worrying title.  Read the press release here.

29 October 2006.  Regular, weekly, local community surgeries are now being held at SureStart Portheyl.  Please come along on any Friday between 2 and 5 pm (see the schedule on the right) to discuss any issues that a local councillor can help with.

25 October 2006.  At a meeting called by the Hayle Chamber of Commerce and attended by SWERDA, GOSW, PDC, HTC, CCC, ING RE and the Highways Agency, all attendees reaffirmed their commitment to the regeneration of Hayle.  SWERDA is now investing £35 million in the harbour project which has grown to £210 million.  The target date for planning submission is now second quarter 2007 and therre will be another public exhibition prior to that.

24 October 2006. The South West of England Regional Development Agency (RDA) will take a leading role in the management of about £540 million of EU investment in the region, it was announced today.  The Convergence programme worth around £380m will run in Cornwall (and the Isles of Scilly)
which, due to a historically low economic output, is the only county in England to be entitled to investment under the programme. 

11 October 2006Documents received from the RCHT's Director of Finance and Information under the Freedom of Information Act.  Included is a report from the Audit Commission which includes the following in the introduction:

I have been prompted to report publicly because of the recent dramatic
deterioration in the Trust's financial position, as a result of a failure to deliver its 2005/06 budget. The purpose of this report is to state publicly my views on:

  • the seriousness of the Trust's financial position and the risk that it will breach its statutory financial responsibilities;
  • the reasons for the deterioration in the Trust's financial position;
  • the adequacy of the Trust’s action taken to date and the further action planned to improve the Trust’s financial position; and
  • the action that the Trust now needs to take to meet its statutory financial duties and to improve its financial position on a sustainable basis.

20 September 2006.  This site is now professionally hosted and performance should improve.  Please update your favourites to www.hayle.eu

16 September 2006.   RCHT's own Patient and Public Involvement Forum has called for a review of the Trust's Turnaround 2 plans.  Click here.

15 September 2006.  The Hayle Area Plan funded by the Market and Coastal Town Initiative and led by the Hayle Area Forum has been released.

Read the plan here.

14 September 2006.  Penwith District Council's Climate Change Strategy has now been issued in its final form.  Check it out here.

13 September 2006.  Hayle Skate Park officially opened.  Click here for pictures.

12 September 2006.  Penwith District Council hosted a special session on hospital service provision and invited Anthony Farnsworth of NHS South West to speak.  During a heated debate, Mr. Farnsworth acknowledged that NHS South West (which has oversight of RCHT) had made mistakes and should have spotted problems at RCHT earlier and taken a stronger line with them.  He gave the impression that the NHS had noted the strength of public feeling and was going to be better at consultation in the future.  Watch this space!

06 September 2006:  Auditors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, have issued a stinging indictment of the RCHT management.  Read the report, released under the Freedom of Information Act, here.  If you have any doubts about whether the RCHT was well-managed - read this.

03 September 2006:  SWERDA has also come out with a load of amendments to the Regional Spatial Strategy - which Hayle Town Council and Penwith District Council agree requires substantial modification if Penwith is not to become even poorer in the next 20 years.  Read more.

02 September 2006: Reply received from Prof. Roberts at RCHT.

31 August 2006:  The goverment has excluded the Cornish Flag (St. Piran's Flag) from the list of approved flags.  It is now illegal to fly it without planning permission.  Read more.

28 August 2006: My letters to key officials following the march.  Click here.

27 August 2006: Following a spirited rallying cry from local MP Andrew George, upwards of 27,000 marchers (with many more at the disabled parking areas and waiting at the end) followed Hayle Mayor, Paul Birch, PDC Chairman, Irene Bailey, and other long-time campaigners for better health care services in Cornwall, on a 3 km march from St. Michael's Hospital to the Recreation Ground at Copperhouse.  Marchers arrived at the end of the route while there were still thousands waiting to start - snaking the whole length of Hayle.

Supported by Heyl Band, Camborne Band, the Golowan Band and Hayle Samba (with Pen Samba and Samba Kernow) and with an inspiring "Trelawny" from Hayle Men's Voice Choir, the march was enjoyable as well as serious.

Police, NHS Ambulance, Fire and St. John's Ambulance all reported an incident-free march.

"We are proud to be able to welcome so many people to Hayle," said Mayor Birch.  "We will now follow through to ensure that our voices are heard."

More photographs here.

10 August 2006: Marks & Spencer have announced that they are to open a new store in Hayle 'next year.'  Click 'marks & spencer' on the right for the press release.

03 August 2006: Hayle Town Council has voted to lead a protest march(with the support of the Mayors Parlour Campaign Team and Penwith District Council) against the closure (or any reduction in services) at St. Michael's Hospital and the West Cornwall Hospital.  The date is 27 August at 5 pm and the march will start from St. Michael's Hospital. Meet at Paradise Park starting at 3 pm and STAND UP AND BE COUNTED for St. Michael's and West Cornwall Hospitals and for health services in Cornwall in general.  Get the latest at www.hayletowncouncil.net and by clicking on 'protest march in hayle' in the right hand column.

27 July 2006:  Hayle Town Council, at a meeting of the Development Committee, voted unanimously to respond to the draft Regional Spatial Strategy stating that the strategy fails to take account of the nature, culture or special characteristics of Cornwall.  It recognises the relative poverty of West Cornwall and takes no steps to address it - indeed the plan will increase the problem.  The Council will seek to coordinate with other town and parish councils and with Penwith District Council and Cornwall County Council.   Read more.

19 July 2006:  Andy England, Sustainable Development & Design Manager at PDC, has arranged a series of afternoon and evening meeting to discuss and explain the Penwith Local Development Framework.  Entitled "Where Should we Build in Penwith & What Planning Policies Should There Be" this should be of great interest to everyone interested in Hayle's future.  Click here for full details.

18 July 2006:  The Electoral Administration Act 2006 has received the royal assent this week.  It lowers the minimum age for standing at an election to 18.

17 July 2006:  GOSW lifts 'Article 14 direction' and PDC is now free to approve the Marks & Spencer planning request.

13 July 2006:  Mining landscape of Cornwall and West Devon becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Full details here.

27 June 2006:   The Government Office for the South West (GOSW) shocked residents, councillors and officers of PDC by exercising their powers to to prevent PDC from granting planning permission to Marks and Spencer.  Click here for more.

18 June 2006:  Cornwall County Council has published their Waste Development Framework.  There is a major development at St. Erth planned.  Click here for more information.

01 June 2006:  A site next to the A30 at Loggans Moor,  adjacent to Loggans Mill, has been acquired by Montgomery Property Group.  Click here to read more.



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