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HMS Plymouth in Hayle

  20 May 2009. The petition in support of bringing HMS Plymouth to Hayle has now received more than 1,100 signatures in support.  Read the full report here.

31 March 2009. A local group is trying hard to persuade ING to allow the HMS Plymouth to berth at South Quay. The information follows:


Hayle seize her!


At last, an instant landmark visitor attraction and

flexible community facility for this deserving town!


Enlist your support here to bring HMS PLYMOUTH to HAYLE



Harbour owners ING are reluctant to consider mooring

HMS Plymouth in Hayle harbour.

But what’s your view?


Some important points:  


  • A valuable landmark visitor attraction and flexible community facility - available today not tomorrow!
  • No physical or logistical showstoppers in delivering her to Hayle harbour - she fits with room to spare!
  • HMS Plymouth will be freshly painted and in ship-shape condition prior to arrival - not a rust bucket!
  • HMS Plymouth Association own her and will financeher commissioning & running costs - no financial burden!
  • Hayle Harbour Authority will benefit through enhanced mooring fees -  no financial burden!
  • Suggested berth is outside ING building area - yet will draw valuable attention to ING development!
  • Instant local business spin-off opportunities - will enhance employment & prosperity of town!
  • Heritage memorial to Falklands conflict with consecrated Chapel - suitable for weddings/christenings!
  • Additional uses envisaged; corporate entertaining, conferencing, youth education, cadet training, small community cinema & social events etc - much needed facilities/benefits for the local community!
  • Directly, she will create full & part time positions and voluntary roles -  much needed employment!
Read the HMS Plymouth Guide here.

To sign a petition or find out more, please call in at Bigglestone's

or contact Bob Amos on 01736 754117, bobamos@strawberry2007.orangehome.co.uk


Email me with your thoughts, suggestions, comments or questions

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