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A group comprising the six Hayle District Councillors and several officers from Penwith District Council (PDC) had been formed to consider issues arising from the harbour development.  This was known as the Hayle Harbour Steering Group. 

It has now been recognised that a group responsible for coordinating all regeneration in Hayle, both in and out of the harbour, should be formed.

The group is called the Hayle Area Plan Partnership Management Team and succeeds the Hayle Regeneration Management Group (HRMG) and the, now disbanded, Hayle Harbour Steering Group.

My View

I think this is an important step towards regenerating Hayle.  Having a single body responsible for supporting, coordinating and reviewing the wide variety of regeneration activities in the town will ensure better use of resources and a more coordinated outcome.  After the first meeting, I am confident that this will result in concrete action and is not just another talking shop.  Once the minutes are published and further information from the first meeting is available to the public, I will give more details here.

Watch this space.

Minutes and Agendae


08 Dec 2006


Key points:

  • Formation of the Hayle Area Regeneration Board to oversee the Hayle Area Plan
  • Foundry Square Enhancements
  • Hayle Activity Centre Group

20061208 HRMG Minutes in PDF format.


Item 3 related to the MCTi programme next phase and the HRMG agreed in principle to morph into the group that will oversee the MCTi projects.

03 Nov 2006



08 Sep 2006

21 July 2006

Notes from the meeting:

3.  Hayle Bowling Club green to open towards the end of August

4.  Hayle Harbour:  ING is currently going through the process of getting board approval to submit a planning application.

9.  Loggans Mill:  Following the rejection of planning permission for the initial plan, LIDL is now looking to submit a revised application.  The owner of property adjacent to the mill is in negotiation with regard to its renovation.  Another company has also shown interest in the mill.

10. Hawkins' land is currently being valued and this should be complete by the end of next week.  Negotiations as to price will then take place.

11.  Pathway Fields and Ellis Park playgrounds and facilities are being actively pursued.  Land off Water Lane is being investigated to provide a playground facility.

16 June 2006
12 May 2006

Here are the minutes from the 12 May meeting.  Key points include the Action Plan (review of long-term land use for Hayle), ING, Tourist Information Centre (TIC), plan for Copperhouse development and MCTi.

Meetings are planned for:

Friday 21st July
Friday 25th August
Friday 29th September
Friday 3rd November
Friday 8th December

Please let me have your thoughts for any items that you think should be discussed.

07 Apr 2006

Some of the items covered in the meeting included:

  • Creation of an Action Plan for Hayle . This rather innocuous title hides a very important concept.  One of the most important documents governing local planning decisions is the Local Plan.  This plan is agreed periodically and is very hard to change between update cycles   We are in a transition phase from the old system to Local Development Frameworks which would require a revision to the existing Local Plan.  An Action Plan, which requires the approval of the Secretary of State, would enable us to do a bottom up review of land use planning throughout Hayle and would provide the essential support to the MCTi process to ensure its long term success.
  • Discussion of the harbour and the need for ING to make a presentation to Hayle Town Council so that issues could be raised prior to the submission of a full planning application.
  • Discussion of a new Bowling Green for Hayle.

Click here for the full copy of the public minutes. (Note that a very small number of words have been excised from the official minutes to produce the public minutes.  This is due solely to confidentiality rules)

Action Plan Elements and Timetable


Role and content


This will be an Area Action Plan which will identify and allocate land for development that is required to deliver the vision and strategy for this settlement.

Timetable (Key stages in bold type)  


  • Completion of pre production/survey/ evidence gathering
  • Preparation of issues/options and initial SA report, including consultation (Reg 25)
  • Consultation on preferred options and SA report (Reg. 26)
  • Consideration of representations and discussion with community and stakeholders
  • Preparation of submission document and formal SA report including any amendments

August 2006

December 2006

August – December 2006


March – June 2007

June – August 2007


August 2007 – January 2008


Submission of DPD and SA to Secretary of State

  • Public Consultation on DPD and SA report (Reg. 29)
  • Pre-examination consideration of representations

February 2008

February – March 2008

March – April 2008

Pre-examination meeting

Commencement of Examination

  • Examination period
  • Receipt of Inspector's binding report
  • Adoption and publication of document and revised Proposals Map

August 2008

October 2008

October – December 2008

April 2009

June 2009

Arrangements for production:

  • Organisational lead
  • Management arrangements



  • Resources to produce DPD
  • Approach to involving stakeholders and the community
  • Monitoring and Review


Sustainable Development Policy Team

Officer Steering Group – Policy Team with Regeneration, Community Regeneration and Community Strategy officers

Policy Team

As set out in the Statement of Community Involvement and in line with Regulations

Monitoring of planning decisions

Key Objectives of HRMG

The aims and objectives of the HRMG are to provide a holistic and coordinated approach to the regeneration of Hayle, overseeing project management for the area and ensuring that effective communication links are formed with other local groups, the press and the public.

Constitution of HRMG


To drive forward and deliver the regeneration of Hayle in a holistic manner by coordinating and linking the various regeneration activities, projects and partnerships (including the harbour) to ensure they are complementary and sustainable.

Membership of the Group:

All 6 Hayle District Councillors:

John Bennett

Duncan Cook

Terry Lello

Owen Philp

Lionel Pascoe

Sarah Roskilly

A representative of Hayle Town Council

Key PDC Officers:

Matthew Barton, Head of Sustainable Development

Andrew England, Sustainable Development Manager

Alan Hampshire, Head of Housing, Health & Community Safety

Caroline Sargent, Regeneration Officer (Hayle)

Sally Newby, Community Regeneration Manager

Mark James, Capital Projects Coordinator

Andrew Davies, Regeneration Manager

Simon Mansell, Legal Officer

and others as needed.

Terms of Reference:

The Group will:

  • Work to the Council's Corporate Objectives, Community Plan, Local Development Plan, Constitution and other relevant strategies, procedures and legislation
  • Act as a steering group for preparation of a master plan for Hayle
  • Coordinate, prioritise and evaluate regeneration projects in accordance with agreed criteria and make recommendations to the PDC Corporate Management Team.

Click here to read the full constitution.

Click here for the constitution in Word format

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