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Hayle Harbour Listed Building Applications

April 2008

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Responses from Statutory Consultees and Other Parties

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Copyright Notice
Plans, drawing and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.
Advertised in The Cornishman on 22 May 2008.


These documents are the Listed Buildings Applications associated with the comprehensive redevelopment of Hayle Harbour, submitted on behalf of ING RED UK (Hayle Harbour) Ltd, the owners of the development site. The Listed Building Applications are submitted in parallel with an Outline Planning Application.
The proposed regeneration scheme is complex and a comprehensive suite of planning documents has been prepared and submitted to Penwith District Council (PDC) to support the Outline Planning Application: reference should be made to the document entitled ‘Summary of the Outline Planning Application, December 2008’. In addition, this ‘Summary of the Listed Buildings Applications, December 2008’ sets out the full complement of documents submitted for Listed Buildings consent.
The complete set of original documents are included below:

Document List

080429_DiscContents_LBA (22k)

Listed Building Summary of Work

2478_ListedBuildingSummary doc_080424 (9.6M)

Hayle Harbour PPG 15 Statement and Justification for Change

2478_Hayle Harbour PPG 15 Statement and Justification for Change_RevB_080424 (7.4M)

Merchant Curnow's Quay

2478_merchant curnows quay.pdf (15.8M)

Quay Walls to Carnsew Quay

2478_quay walls to carnsew quay (9.2M)

Quay Walls to South Quay

2478_quay walls to south quay (26.3M)

Quay Walls - East Quay

2478_quay walls_east quay (23.5M)

Road Bridge to North Quay

2478_road bridge to north quay (8.33M)

Annex 13A: Hayle Harbour Wall Condition Survey

Annex 13A Hayle Harbour Wall condition survey 050131 (7M)

Annex 13C: Schedule of Works

Annex 13C 050308 schedule of works (3.9M)

PDC Listed Building Application Forms :

Quay Walls to Carnsew Quay (Hayle 08-0647-LBC*)

080424_LBA_Carnsew Quay (4.5M)

Quay Walls to East Quay (Hayle 08-0643-LBC*)

080424_LBA_East Quay (4.5M)

Merchant Curnow's Quay (Hayle 08-0646-LBC*)

080424_LBA_Merchant Quay (4.5M)

Road/Rail Bridge to North Quay (Hayle 08-0644-LBC*)

080424_LBA_North Quay (4.5M)

Quay Walls to South Quay (Hayle 08-0645-LBC*)

080424_LBA_South Quay (4.5M)


Supporting Plans and Drawings

Contents of Supporting Plans

080429_DiscContents_LBA_SupportingPlans (13k)

Carnsew Quay Plan

Carnsew Quay 500 plan 444 L (LB) 013 (206k)

Carnsew Quay 2500 plan 444 L (LB) 003 (1.5M)

East and South Quay

E S Quay 200 penpol existing 444.09 L(0-)001.P1 (104k)

E S Quay penpol proposed 444.09 L(--)001.P1 (149k)

East Quay

East Quay 500 plan 444 L (LB) 014 (179k)

East Quay 2500 plan 444 L (LB) 004 (1.9M)

Merchant Curnow's Quay

Merchant Curnow Quay 500 plan 444 L (LB) 011 (246k)

Merchant Curnow Quay 2500 plan 444 L (LB) 001 (1.9M)

North Quay

North Quay 100 bridge elevations 444.09 L (--) 011 P1 (736k)

North Quay 200 bridge plan 444.09 L (--) 010 P1 (275k)

North Quay 500 plan 444 L (LB) 017 (105k)

North Quay 2500 plan 444 L (LB) 007 (2M)

South Quay

South Quay 500 plan 444 L (LB) 012 (271k)

South Quay 2500 plan 444 L (LB) 002 (1.9M)



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