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JBP. (Sainsbury, Marsh Lane) Supermarket Application


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Sainsbury Supermarket Elevation
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Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd and Cranford (Hayle) LLP

Land at Marsh Lane Hayle: Proposed foodstore (Class A1), access, car parking, servicing, petrol filling station, highway works, landscaping and the creation of a nature reserve

Proposed S106 Heads of Terms


Dedication of Land 

1. Offer to dedicate an improved County Wildlife Site to Cornwall Council in perpetuity (10.46 ha/25.85 acres)


Financial Contributions

The applicant to make a financial contribution to cover the following:


  1. A new bus service linking the proposed foodstore with Hayle
  2. Constructing a new public footpath on the north side of Marsh Lane between Angarrack and the proposed foodstore
  3. Future management of the improved County Wildlife Site
  4. A new boardwalk, visitor interpretation facilities, bird hide, bat roost and visitor car parking on the improved County Wildlife Site


The applicant to undertake the following works:


  1. A programme of remediation of the existing commercial vehicle park (scope of works subject to a separate planning application)
Sustainability Statement


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